Special Acts of the Legislature

  1. Disability Insurance for Employees

    An act permitting the Town of Concord and the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District to negotiate a plan for disability insurance for their employees.

  2. Group Health Insurance

    An act authorizing the Town of Concord to appropriate and pay all or a portion of the cost of hospitalization insurance for its employees.

  3. Historic Districts Zones

    An act establishing a Historic Districts Commission for the Town of Concord and defining its powers and duties, establishing historic districts in the Town of Concord, and providing for historic zoning districts.

  1. Lease of Town Property

    Learn more about the specifics of leasing Town property.

  2. Trustees of Town Donations

    There shall be a Board of Trustees of Town Donations for the Town of Concord which shall consist of 5 members each of whom shall serve terms of 3 years. The Town Treasurer may serve as treasurer of said board.