Steps to Installing Solar

Customers frequently ask us about the process for installing solar PV on their homes or businesses. For solar PV installations, CMLP offers rebates of $625 per kW AC of installed capacity, capped at $3,125. 

Here are the various stages involved in the process:

1)  Property owner decides on leasing or buying a system and finds a solar installer
2)  Installer gathers all needed paperwork
3)  All solar paperwork is bundled & sent electronically to Energy New England or by mail to: 
  • Concord Rebates
  • c/o Energy New  England
  • 100 Foxborough Blvd. Suite 110
  • Foxboro MA 02035
4)  CMLP Engineer gives Approval to Install
5)  CMLP Director gives Approval to Install
6)  ENE emails property owner & installer to notify re: Approval to Install
7)  Solar PV panels installed on property
8)  Town Electrical Inspector visits site to give approval
9)  CMLP Electrician installs send & receive meter (a brief power outage is required; new meter installed next to solar meter; property owner does not need to be on site)
10)  CMLP Engineer gives Approval to Operate (on site visit not usually needed)
11)  ENE emails property owner & installer to notify re: Approval to Operate
12)  Property owner begins generating their own power!
13)  Property owner receives one-time check by mail in ~ 6 weeks (if rebate check requested rather than on-bill credit)

If you have any questions, please contact:
Concord Municipal Light Plant
PO Box 1029
1175 Elm Street
Concord MA 01742
ATTN: Pamela Cady
(978) 318-3149

For further information on CMLP's residential net metering rate, please review the Residential Net Metering with Banking Rate Schedule (PDF)