West Concord Streetscape Improvements

Commonwealth Avenue at Church Street


West Concord Streetscape Improvements

General Contractor:

Richard D’Ambrosia Inc.

Contact for Project Related Concerns:

Nathan Chin – Assistant Public Works Engineer, Engineering Division, 978-318-3210, nchin@concordma.gov

Project Background:

The project area was highlighted as an infrastructure enhancement location within 2010’s West Concord Master plan. The Plan recommended the following enhancements:

• Upgrade pedestrian safety at the intersection of Church Street and Commonwealth Avenue

• Create a pedestrian only zone between Concord Teacakes and Twin Seafoods

As such, the following project has been designed and issued by the Town for construction.

Project Overview:

The project scope of work consists of constructing a new concrete paver plaza gathering area within the sidewalk and alleyway between 59 Commonwealth Avenue (Concord Tea Cakes) and 7 Church Street (Twin Seafood). The project will also realign of the intersection of Church Street and Commonwealth Avenue to provide a bump out crosswalk configuration to improve pedestrian mobility. New ADA curb ramps will be installed with new ADA compliant sidewalks. Lastly, Mandrioli Park will be revitalized with new pavers, replanted garden beds / shade trees and a new drinking fountain.

The project’s design incorporates significant sustainable infrastructure components. The plaza area and Mandrioli Park will be reconstructed with a porous paver system. Additionally, the intersection area will be retrofitted with a new bio-retention garden to improve stormwater treatment.

Sequence of Work:

Phase 1: Sub-grade utility work

Phase 2: Remove and reset granite curbing

Phase 3: Removing and re-pouring Sidewalks

Phase 4: Adjust structures, pulverize roadways and re-pave road

Phase 5: Construct porous paver areas

Phase 6: Landscaping, planting beds and site amenities

Phase 7: Roadway line striping

Phase 8: Dumpster pad relocation

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