Home Energy Assessments & LED Makeovers

  • Energy Assessments: A free, on-site home energy assessment will identify the sources of energy waste driving up your heating and electricity bills. CMLP's energy auditor, Energy New England, will examine your home's heating system, lighting, and weatherization needs. New in 2017:  All of your incandescent bulbs will be replaced with LEDs for free by the auditor, plus you will receive a free smart power strip. Schedule your appointment by contacting Energy New England at solutions@ene.org, (888) 772-4242, or www.ene.org/residential-audits/.  ENE generally schedules these 2-5 weeks out, depending on the time of year.  You must be at home throughout the audit, which generally takes 2 hours.
  • LED Makeovers: If you do not need a home energy assessment, you can get a free LED Makeover by calling Energy New England at (888) 772-4242 to schedule an appointment.  An LED installer will come to your home and replace all of your incandescent bulbs with LEDs.  You must be at home throughout the installation, which usually takes an hour and a half.

  • For CMLP residential customers who heat with natural gas, the Mass Save Program offers you:
    1. Home energy assessments, weatherization rebates, and pre-qualified contractors who can complete the weatherization work that you need;
    2. Advice on upgrading to a more efficient heating system, along with financial incentives for doing so.

      Visit the Mass Save Program webpage or call 1-800-632-8300 for more information.