HELP for Business Lighting Retrofits

High Efficiency Lighting Program

CMLP's High Efficiency Lighting Program helps you manage your operating costs and add value to your business by upgrading to more energy efficient indoor and/or outdoor lighting.

We Provide

Financial Incentives

Rebate of up to 50% of lighting upgrade cost or up to $1,000/kilowatt (kW) of reduced demand, whichever is less, up to a maximum of $50,000 per customer during the lifetime of the Program. Rebates will cover about 30% of businesses' lighting upgrade project costs, on average.

Indoor and outdoor lighting and controls are eligible.

Turnkey Service Option

To simplify your lighting upgrade, CMLP offers a turnkey service to businesses that wish to use it. Here's how it works:

At no cost, CMLP's pre-qualified lighting contractors are available to:

Assess your existing lighting

Prepare customized specifications for high efficiency lighting and controls

Prepare an installation price quote and electricity cost savings estimate

If you decide to move forward with the lighting upgrade, the contractor will:

Complete the rebate application for you

Install high efficiency lighting/controls at the price quoted


Use of CMLP's pre-qualified contractors is not required to receive a rebate. If you prefer, you may use your own lighting contractor for the assessment, quote and installation.


CMLP wants the community to know that you are an energy efficiency role model.

Each year, CMLP will recognize High Efficiency Lighting Program participants in a full page ad in the Concord Journal.

CMLP will provide you with a plaque indicating that you are a High Efficiency Lighting Program participant.