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Comprehensive Long Range Plan: A Vision for 2020

This document was prepared by the Town's Comprehensive Long Range Plan Committee in March 2005. It is the culmination of 3 years of effort by 16 volunteer citizens, assisted by staff. The Plan (PDF) offers a Vision for concord to the year 2020, and specific Goals, Objectives and Action Items to achieve that Vision. Subjects include:
  • Cultural and Historic Resources
  • Economic Development
  • Facilities and Services
  • Fiscal Resources
  • Governance
  • Housing
  • Land Use
  • Recreation
  • Transportation and Circulation
239 pages - Appendices also available in a separate document.

Comprehensive Long Range Plan Map

This is a summary of the 2005 Comprehensive Long Range Plan for the Town in map and narrative format.

Open Space and Recreation Plan - 2004

This is a comprehensive document prepared by the Open Space Task Force and the Natural Resources Commission in October 2004. The Plan identifies and maps existing open space; pinpoints threats; highlights opportunities for enhancement; and identifies priorities for land protection.

Open Space and Recreation Plan Highlights

This Highlights document is designed to present…and highlight…the key points of the Town's 2004 Open Space and Recreation Plan, without drowning in detail. This abbreviated document is 82 pages and is intended to make the material more accessible to more readers. October 2004

Highlights of Concord's Historic Resources

This 137-page document is excerpted from the longer "Historic Resources Master Plan of Concord, Massachusetts." "This book is a rich educational resource and a goldmine of discovery. A glimpse of Concord as a whole emerges. Individual neighborhoods, streets, and structures also come into focus. Simply walk or slowly coast down a street with the Highlights before you. The delight of history will unfold." Published in 1995 by the Concord Historical Commission.

Historic Resources Master Plan

This comprehensive document (PDF) was published originally in 1995 and updated in 2001 by Concord's Historical Commission. The broad objectives of the document are to accelerate public interest in the Town's historic resources, and to identify protection priorities for decision makers. The book includes: a brief visual history of Concord; highlights of Concord's Historic Resources (street-by-street, house-by-house guide to about 900 of our primary historic resources); the significance of historic resources; summary of priority resources; and recommendations for action.

217 pages.

Historic Districts Guidelines

The Guidelines (PDF) are intended to provide direction for property owners and potential applicants before the Historic Districts Commission on the kinds of alterations that the Commission deems appropriate. The Guidelines are also intended to help the Commission make consistent and informed decisions about what is and is not appropriate. The Guidelines are intended as guides, not hard and fast rules, and neither applicants nor the Commission are bound to follow them in any given case. The Guidelines will be a starting point, but not necessarily an ending point, in this process.

95 pages. Last updated 2002.

Zoning Bylaw

Concord's Zoning Bylaw.

Zoning Bylaw Map

Last updated by April 2012 Town Meeting (no changes have been made since then). This is a companion to the Concord Zoning Bylaw.

Subdivision Rules and Regulations

Subdivision Rules and Regulations (PDF) adopted by Concord's Planning Board under the authority granted to the Board by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 41, Section 81Q.

46 pages plus appendices. Most recently amended in June 2007.

Sign Bylaw

Sign Bylaw document (PDF) last updated April 2010. 11 pages.