Building & Inspections

Mission Statement

The mission of the Building Inspection and Zoning Enforcement Division is to contribute to the protection of the public and the unique character of Concord through the enforcement of building codes and zoning bylaws by incorporating the following principles.
  • Customer Service: Strive each day to efficiently, effectively, and courteously respond to each customer, both internal and external.
  • Employee Development: Maintain an environment which is positive, supportive and safe so that employees can creatively and effectively provide services.
  • Legal Compliance: Comply with local, state and federal laws by ensuring that public and private buildings are constructed or changed in accordance with all bylaws and relevant state and federal laws.
  • Resource Management: Use our financial, material and information resources creatively and judiciously under the guidance of relevant law and organizational standards.
  • __________________________________________________________IMPORTANT INFORMATION- BUILDING DEPARTMENT FEES WILL BE $12.00 PER THOUSAND STARTING MARCH 1, 2018
  • Whenever possible please submit documents on double-sided paper
  • Please fill out the survey regarding extending office hours at the building department (

 Floor Area Ratio Bylaw/GFA Information

Construction Noise Bylaw

Height Definition Explanation and New 9th edition information WITH MASSACHUSETTS AMENDMENTS

As a reminder, the new, ninth edition code is based on modified versions of the following 2015 codes as published by the International Code Council (ICC).

  • The International Building Code (IBC);
  • International Residential Code (IRC);
  • International Existing Building Code (IEBC);
  • International Mechanical Code (IMC);
  • International Energy Conservation Code (IECC);
  • International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC); and
  • Portions of the International Fire Code (IFC).  

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