Administrative Policies & Procedures

  1. Acceptance of Gifts (PDF)
  2. Annual Town Report (PDF)
  3. Application for Building Permit - Small Lots - Chapter 40A (PDF)
  4. Applications for and Acceptance of State and Federal Grants (PDF)
  5. Board of Selectmen Guidelines - Town Committee and Board Appointments (PDF)
  6. Building Move Procedures (PDF)
  7. Buy Recycled Policy (PDF)
  8. Citizen Requests to Distribute Literature (PDF)
  9. Closing of Town Buildings for Adverse Weather Conditions (PDF)
  10. Communications (PDF)
  11. Decision Process for Land Acquisition (PDF)
  12. Department Deficits - Use of Reserve Fund (PDF)
  13. Deployment and Use of Technology (PDF)
  14. Designation of National Incident Management System (PDF)
  15. Display of Merchandise on Town Sidewalks (PDF)
  16. Educational Assistance Policy (PDF)
  17. Emergency Meeting Cancellations (PDF)
  18. Employee Conduct (PDF)
  19. Employment and Services for Disabled Persons (PDF)
  20. Energy Management Policy (PDF)
  21. Equal Employment Opportunity Statement of Policy (PDF)
  22. Flag Lowering (PDF)
  23. Fuel Efficient Vehicle Policy (PDF)
  24. Historic Districts Commission Authority - Town Projects (PDF)
  25. Municipal Grievance Procedures - Americans with Disabilities Act (PDF)
  26. Municipal Outdoor Lighting Policy and Guidelines (PDF)
  27. Names on War Memorials (PDF)
  28. Naming of Town Property (PDF)
  29. Notification of White Pond Advisory Committee (PDF)
  30. Out-Of-State Travel (PDF)
  31. Pay for Employees Activated for Military Duty (PDF)
  32. Pole and Conduit Location (PDF)
  33. Prohibition of Smoking (PDF)
  34. Public Access to Open Space (PDF)
  35. Public Records Law (PDF)
  36. Public Statements - Lawsuits (PDF)
  37. Purchasing (PDF)
  38. Rabies Control Plan (PDF)
  39. Regulations Governing Private Signs on Public Property (PDF)
  40. Reimbursement for Utilization of Private Automobiles (PDF)
  41. Remote Network Access (PDF)
  42. Rental and Sale of Town Property (PDF)
  43. Reservation of Public Building Meeting Rooms - Open Doors (PDF)
  44. Right-to-Know Law (PDF)
  45. Seat Belt Law (PDF)
  46. Selection of Consultants (PDF)
  47. Site Inspection Tours (PDF)
  48. Social Media Policy (PDF)
  49. Staff Provision of Records and Information (PDF)
  50. Standards of Conduct (PDF)
  51. Storage of Inflammable Materials and Explosives (PDF)
  52. Sustainable Municipal Practices (PDF)
  53. Telephone Procedures, Policies and Guidelines (PDF)
  54. Town Vehicle Use (PDF)
  55. Use of Cell Phones While at Work (PDF)
  56. Use of Electronic Mail (PDF)
  57. Use of Internet (PDF)
  58. Use of Town Land By Community Groups (PDF)
  59. Use of Town Property (PDF)
  60. Utilization of Town Counsel Legal Review of Contract Documents (PDF)
  61. Weapons (PDF)
  62. Web Content and Link Posting (PDF)
  63. Workplace Violence (PDF)