The Natural Resources Commission (NRC) oversees six subcommittees, three of which are presently active, that involve stewardship of town-wide natural resources. All subcommittees, with the exception of the Conservation Restriction Stewardship Committee, are appointed by the Natural Resources Commission. If you are interested in joining, please submit a letter of interest to the NRC, 141 Keyes Road, with a description of your interest and background. For the Conservation Restriction Stewardship Committee, click here to submit a green card to the Town Manager's office, 22 Monument Square, as this subcommittee is appointed by the Select Board.

Subcommittees Include

  1. Conservation Restriction Stewardship Committee

    The Conservation Restriction Stewardship Committee was appointed in 2005 by the Select Board to provide responsible management and care of the more than 110 conservation restrictions on as many properties within the Town.

  2. Heywood Meadow Stewardship Committee

    It is envisioned that the Heywood Meadow Stewardship Committee will assist and support the Natural Resources Commission in an advisory fashion with respect to decisions about the management and future of the Heywood Meadow.

  3. Mill Brook Task Force

    The goal of this task force is an ecologically sound and scenic stream, with clean water and a protected watershed which will provide for passive recreation and will be aesthetically appealing.

  1. Trails Committee

    View details about the Trails Committee and their work for Concord.

  2. Warner’s Pond Stewardship Committee

    Better understand the word done by the Warner’s Pond Stewardship Committee.

  3. Wildlife Passage Task Force

    Part of the goal of the Wildlife Passage Task Force is to monitor wildlife use of the four wildlife underpasses.